Yuumi Matsumoto

Yuumi Matsumoto

Yumi Matsumoto is a Japanese bassoonist, bassoon teacher and Bassoon reed maker in Cologne, Germany.

Yumi Matsumoto started bassoon when she was 12 years old.
She studied in Tokyo, Cologne, Milan under 5 great Teacher of Japan, Germany and Italy;
Masayuki Okamoto (Solo bsn. at Tokyo metropolitan orchestra)
Motoko Kawamura (Solo bsn. at New Japan Philharmonic)
Prof. Georg Klütsch (Professor of the Music college Cologne)
Valentino Zucchiatti (Solo bsn. of La Scala, Milan)

Prof. Urlich Hermann(Solo bsn. of Staatsorchester Stuttgart, Prof. of the Music College Mainz)

She has played as a "Academist" or substitute in many professional orchestra in Japan, Germany, Italy, Austria like Chamber orchestra of La Scala(Milan), German Opera house at Rhein Duisburg, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, New Japan Philharmonic etc....
She has been a bassoon teacher since 2006, at the moment she has a bassoon class at the music school of the city of Bonn,Hilden, and Cologne in Germany, where she is teaching 6-18 years old 23 bassoonists.






She has taken many information and inspiration from lessons or masterclasses of many worldwide bassoonists like;
Masayuki Okamoto(her teacher)
Motoko Kawamura (her teacher)
Prof. Georg Klütsch(her teacher)
Valentino Zucchiatti(her teacher)
Ovidio Danzi
Prof. Dag Jensen(München)
Prof. Malte Refardt(Essen)
Higinio Arrue Fortea(Solo bsn. at Deutsche Kammer Philharmonie Bremen)
Prof. Guilhaume Santana(Saarbrücken)



By her all experience she has learned how to make reeds for herself and how she can help bassoonists by making comfortable reeds with good intonation and beautiful sound.